Donor ​​Scholarships


Over the years, many individuals and organizations have established scholarship programs which are funded by donation to the McCook College Foundation and administered by the Mid-Plains Community College (MPCC) Office of Student Financial Aid, including the application, selection, and award process.

Donors can fund scholarships through the Foundation in a variety of ways: annual payment; one time donation, or periodic donation. Donors also designate funds to be "unrestricted" with the principal and interest used to fund an ongoing program, or "restricted" whereby the principal donation is restricted and not to be spent, and only interest income is used to fund the scholarship(s) on an ongoing basis.

In addition to sponsoring scholarships for the traditional two-year MCC student, donors can sponsor scholarships for graduating MCC students continuing their education at a four-year institution. Such scholarships currently established were designed by the donor to be awarded annually at MCC’s spring graduation ceremony, and provide funds which are applied to the MCC graduate’s first semester at a four-year college or university.​