Establishing a Donor Specified Scholarship

Donors can literally design what they want in a scholarship program, and then fund the scholarship by donation to the McCook College Foundation. Perhaps you want to honor or establish a memorial to a special person in your life, advocate a specific field of academic study, and/or provide opportunity to students from a specific geographic area.

All donor specified scholarships are administered by the Mid-Plains Community College (MPCC) Office of Student Financial Aid, including the application, selection, and award processes. The Foundation receives funds from the donor, and pays an itemized billing directly to the MPCC business office. Donors can fund scholarships through the Foundation in a variety of ways: annual payment to the Foundation office; a one-time donation, or periodic donations. Donors also designate funds to be "unrestricted" with the principal and interest used to fund an ongoing program, or "restricted" whereby the principal donation is restricted and not to be spent, and only interest income is used to fund the scholarship(s) on an ongoing basis.

In addition to sponsoring scholarships for the traditional two-year MCC student, donors can sponsor scholarships for graduating MCC students continuing their education at a four-year institution. Such scholarships currently established were designed by the donor to be awarded annually at MCC’s spring graduation ceremony, and provide funds which are applied to the MCC graduate’s first semester at a four-year college or university. Donors can also sponsor scholarship support for students enrolled in bachelor or graduate degree programs through the Advanced Studies Center on the MCC campus.

The Foundation’s Donor Work​sheet serves as a guide for donors in conveying their decisions regarding establishment​ of a scholarship, including how the scholarship will be funded by the donor. Scholarships can be designated for certain academic programs, i.e. math, science, fine arts, family and consumer science, computer technology, etc., and can also carry other donor restrictions such as gender, academic GPA, and/or geographic area.

Our Foundation Director of Administration is available to personally meet with you and/or your representatives at any time to discuss your scholarship objectives, provide information on the establishment, application and award processes, and answer any questions.