​​​​Donor Recognition

In 2006, to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the founding of McCook Junior College, the McCook College Foundation proudly sponsored the establishment of a Donor Recognition Program at MCC. In November, 2006, the “Donor Tree of Life” and “Wall of Honor” were dedicated in McMillen Hall to recognize Benefactors who have supported the individual student, constructed and expanded facilities, and promoted and enhanced educational opportunities at McCook Community College. In establishing this Donor Recognition Program, the Foundation honors MCC’s legacy of excellence, success, pride, and generosity, gratefully acknowledges the long history of philanthropy for MCC, and implements recognition for all future donors as follows:

​$1,000 and Above​Benefactor (Cumulative)​Donor Tree of Life
​$50,000 and Above​Founding Benefactor -  New Facilities​Wall of Honor
​$50,000 and Above​Major Benefactor - All Other Support​Wall of Honor​

Each year, the number of donors within each category will increase as individuals and organizations reach Benefactor status by donating to the continued support of campus facilities, programs and activities, and the students we all serve. Below is a listing from the Wall of Honor which recognizes our Founding Benefactors and Major Benefactors as of March 1, 2012. This donor listing will be updated annually.

Wall of Honor​​​​​

Wall of Honor  

Founding Benefactor

  • Catherine Barnett
  • Suzanne Barnett
  • Lloyd and Elizabeth Benjamin
  • Mary Brady Estate
  • Maude McMillen
  • Ralph von Riesen
  • Pearl Wrightstone Estate

Major Benefactor

  • Anna Bearg Estate
  • Lloyd and Elizabeth Benjamin
  • Dorothy Chambers
  • Ester Trantow Dobbie Estate
  • Graff Family, Inc.
  • Hormel Family Foundation
  • Ben F. Hormel Lead Trust
  • Elinor Karrer Estate
  • Melba B. Loker Estate
  • Van and Jan Korell
  • McCook National Bank- Graff-Thomas Family
  • MNB Financial Group, Inc
  • Gwendolyn McKenzie Estate
  • Frank Murray Estate
  • Maude Neubauer Estate
  • Myatt W. Volentine Estate
  • Volentine Family Foundation
  • Dr. Henry & June Weeth
  • Julia Wiedman Estate
  • Helen L. Wolfe Estate

​Tree of Life

Tree of Life ​

Access a list of the benefactors ​honored on the Tree of Life.​