​​​​Alumni ​​Connections

​Alumni Connections is a program established by the McCook College Foundation in an effort to stay in contact with former MCC students. By staying in touch with MCC alumni, our Foundation is able​ to:

  • Foster friendships and associations formed while attending MCC
  • Promote the mission, programs, and services of MCC and the Foundation
  • Maintain an informed, interested, and engaged body of alumni who represent MCC’s heritage, and who are actively involved in MCC’s future success
  • Encourage interest in post secondary education by emphasizing the quality and affordable educational experience offered at MCC

For the past three years, our Foundation has focused on establishing contact with MCC students in an effort to: encourage alumni to reconnect to their MCC experience; enjoy the benefits of staying in touch with what is happening at MCC utilizing the MPCC and Foundation websites; receive invitations to return to campus for specific activities; and participate in the development of alumni/community activities and gatherings. We want to hear from MCC alumni --- so please share what is going on in your life—education, career, marriage, children, grandchildren, community involvement, etc. Most importantly, we need you to keep us advised of your current postal and e-mail addresses so that we can share an ongoing dialog with you regarding the current and future progress of MCC and the students we all serve, as well as seek your input on the development of MCC alumni activities.

Our Foundation welcomes and encourages your involvement --- as an alumnus, community partner, and engaged advocate for the preservation of MCC’s enduring heritage, and the continued vitality and future of Nebraska’s first two year college founded in 1926.